Belhaven University: Where Knowledge Meets Inspiration for Lifelong Success


What transforms a traditional college experience into a launchpad enabling students to lead impactful, fulfilling lives long after graduation? At Belhaven University – Mississippi’s top Christian college located in Jackson – the journey cultivates far more than academic growth. It sparks revelation of purpose, strength of character and resilience to turn passions into real-world change.

Explore how Belhaven’s close-knit campus community ignites the drive and vision to keep reaching higher, enriching communities and expanding access to opportunity for generations to come.

Academic Excellence

With roots dating back to 1883, Belhaven aims to educate the whole person through curricular breadth, small class sizes facilitating mentorship and faith-inspired servant leadership values. Academics emphasize emergence of each student’s unique voice and perspective.

Comprehensive Core

All students complete an interdisciplinary core curriculum spanning sciences, arts, history, literature, philosophy and biblical studies. This grounds critical thinking, communication abilities and discernment.

Top Rankings

  • U.S. News & World Report named Belhaven among the country’s best universities in the south.
  • Designated a “Best National University” by The Wall Street Journal.

Innovative Offerings

  • Bachelor’s degrees ranging from digital media to biology, business administration to dance.
  • Accelerated adult and online programs catering to working professionals.
  • Graduate programs in areas like creative writing, health administration and education leadership.

The broad-based foundation sets graduates up for adaptability and multifaceted pursuit of goals.

Values-Driven Leadership

Belhaven fosters leadership as a catalyst for community impact – equipping students to better society through ethical conduct and compassion.

Service Immersion

Programs like the “Day of Service” instill the importance of volunteerism early on. Students log thousands of hours assisting neighborhoods, schools, churches and nonprofits statewide.

Integrity First

Assemblies address character, integrity andimiteresponsibility. The honor code facilitates an atmosphere of trust, respect and accountability.

Development For All

Clubs, conferences and trainings shape skills to lead movements, businesses and social change ventures. Even introverts gain confidence to take initiative through practice.

This multidimensional leadership lens builds transferable abilities to direct teams, strengthen communities and progressed shared objectives.

Inspiring Dreams

Belhaven promotes whole-person nurturing so students connect to purpose early on – laying trajectories for meaningful lifetime fulfillment.

Finding Your Voice

Small classes allow personalized mentor and peer support for each student charting their path in an atmosphere encouraging creative growth.

Varied Passions Welcome

Students bond through shared interests fueling aspirations in realms like arts, ministry, teaching, wellness, technology and counseling.

Outlet for Expression

A bustling creative scene empowers dreaming through venues like musical theater, literature journals, marching band, dance showcases and art exhibits.

By resonating each student’s unique genius while revealing intersections of talent and values, the seeds for living out inspiring callings take root.

Forging Real-World Capabilities

Belhaven prepares job-ready professionals equipped not just with knowledge, but experiences simulating careers from healthcare to ministry, education to business.

Career Integration

Every discipline fuses practical skill-building like:

  • Student teaching placements
  • Public health externships
  • Graphic design client projects
  • Worship arts performances
  • Sports management tournament planning

Network Establishment

In a tight-knit cohort model, connections thread between students, faculty, alumni and employers. These community ties foster opportunities.

Resource Leadership

Clubs run like businesses, events require budget oversight, labs model facilities found in industry – all vehicles for acquiring competence.

This immersive competence-building pathway gives graduates an edge in showcasing abilities.

Fostering Grit and Growth

Belhaven’s culture fueled by community, faith-based values and a spirit of overcoming instills resilience ensuring students prevail when faced with societies’ complex problems.

Surmounting Barriers

Many are first-generation college attendees charting new ground or balancing obligations as working parents and professionals. Peer bonds support perseverance.

Calling to Contribute

Whether feeling called to service addressing poverty or compassionately counsel victims – students link studies to real needs, preparing to better society.

Adaptability Muscles

Liberal arts cross-training primes nimble, creative responses to evolving workplace dynamics and social contexts, driving change-maker mindsets.

Through peer social uplift and activating spiritual strength for the road ahead, Belhaven builds capacity to scale obstacles.


Belhaven University represents a springboard where emerging talents gain conviction and communities gain conscientious leaders ready to make their marks. The university fuels this chain reaction where knowledge meets inspiration – uniting scholarship with the emotional intelligence priming achievement of meaningful purpose.

On a foundation of ethical values, students gain confidence, skill and vision to actualize their callings after college through ventures meeting society’s needs. This ripple effect will compound for years as graduates decrease inequality, advance access, uplift downtrodden populations and progress shared goals. By linking present excellence to future possibility, Belhaven students come to embody enduring success.

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